Mall Commercialisation

Mall Commercialisation at Scotch Hall

The key charms of Scotch Hall and why it boasts as a high fashion shopping centre are:

  • Original stone building located on the River Boyne
  • Over 30 high fashion retail units including Dunnes, River Island, Lifestyle Sports, DV8 and Monsoon

  • Footfall reaching over 50,000 customers weekly
  • Over 800 car park spaces, only €2 for first two hours parking

  • Only 20 minutes from Dublin city centre and directly off the M1
  • Book Online NOW through Fillit  !

Key Facts
  • 63 Mins of Dwell Time
  • 29% Shoppers aged between 18 – 24
  • 65% Female Shoppers
  • 87% less than 15 minutes drive away
  • 3m Visitors in 2019

  • 6.6 Average visits per visitor a month
Centre Rates & Services
Duration Per Day
1 Day €200 + VAT
4 or more days €125 + VAT per day
  • Short and Long Term Licences
  • Product and Service Promotions
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Brand Advertisements
  • Vehicle Showcasing
  • Scotch Hall Ground Floor
  1. Please complete the mall promotions application form available to download here specifying the exact description of the proposed activity with accurate dimensions and visuals for approval.
  2. All signage, decorations and promotional material must be of a high standard and must be approved prior to the commencement of the promotion.
  3. A mall license agreement must be signed by an authorised signatory.
  4. Full payment must be paid no later than one week before display is scheduled to take place. Displays must not be set up if full payment has not been received.
  1. Promotional displays, set-up and stocking must take place outside of centre trading hours.
  2. Promotional displays must be set-up and stock must be carried by competent staff. Centre Management will not be available to provide assistance. Supermarket trollies must not be used for this purpose.
  3. Tables/chairs or other furniture required for promotion must be provided by promoter.
  4. Car parking fees are not covered in the promotion fee. There are no arrangements to waive car parking costs.
  5. Display stands, signage and branding must be professionally produced. Any handwritten signage in evidence will be removed.
  6. Mall promotions must be insured to the requirements advised by the Centre and a specific indemnity must be in place for the centre. Without notification from the centre that your insurances are adequate the promotion must not take place.
  7. Promotional staff must keep within the area of their promotional stand. It is centre policy that customers are not canvassed directly but rather given the opportunity to approach of their own volition.
  8. Collection buckets/canisters containing the charity name may be placed on the promotion stand for voluntary contributions by the public.
  9. Leaflets are to be placed on promotion table for customers and are not to be handed out to customers.
  10. All staff must be smartly dressed.
  11. Staff must not eat, drink or chew gum or sweets whilst on duty in exhibition areas.
  12. Staff personal possessions, including clothing and bags, must not be left in view of customers.
  13. All refuse, packaging and carrier bags must be kept out of sight of customers and must be placed in the refuse bins in the service yards throughout the day or at the end of the trading day. Mall refuse bins must not be used to place refuse.
  14. Centre employees will not man any kiosk whist promotional staff deal with matters away from the kiosk.
  15. Preferred mall locations may be requested but specific locations cannot be guaranteed.
  16. Promotions may be moved at the discretion of Centre Management.
  17. Displays will be removed at the discretion of Centre Management if any activity carried out differs from than that outlined at the time of making the booking.
  18. After sales service details must be prominently displayed on the stand and on promotional literature.
  19. No amplification of any description is permitted.
  1. Public Liability limit to be E2,600,000 or more.
  2. Indemnity to principal, Hallscotch Venture Ltd or Scotch Hall Shopping Centre should be noted on the policy for the duration of the promotion.